Localize Marketplace Pittsburgh

Imagine an online marketplace where local customers can find anything that has been grown, brewed, harvested, created, or produced right here in the Pittsburgh region. Imagine a one-stop-shop for all the people who want to support their local brands, family businesses, and regional economy. And imagine your business reaching out directly to the door of your faithful customers and neighbors. At Localize we want to make this happen, and we want to ask you for your help.

Localize is all about strong regional economies: inclusive from the inside, not reliant on the outside. As investors, thoughtful and engaging ecosystem building helps us find ways for businesses in our community to build each other up, rather than taking more of a stagnant or shrinking pie. 

With this in mind, we pitched the idea of Localize Marketplace Pittsburgh at the Pittsburgh Tech Council and Rust Built Civic Hackathon 2020. We made some headway over the weekend and are serious about partnering with great regional businesses to provide a tool backed by reasonably priced logistics and delivery so more small businesses and more Pittsburghers can keep their money in the region to help our economy grow. 

Localize Marketplace: Help us solve the last mile… from within that mile. A marketplace for locals, from our regional businesses direct to regional consumers.

To stand this up, we would love to hear from you.

Are you struggling with or newly interested in going direct to your consumers? 

Are you a community organization that works with a group of businesses in a neighborhood that would like to go direct to consumer?

If you are already going direct to consumer in the region:

would you like to share the cost of delivery and logistics with your fellow entrepreneurs?

would you like to find even more customers who are looking for local businesses that deliver?

We hope you'll be amongst the first businesses on our platform built by Pittsburgh, for Pittsburgh. Let’s do more business together!